Breathing Apparatus

A self contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA, sometimes referred to as a Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (CABA), air pack, or simply Breathing Apparatus (BA) is a device worn by rescue workers, firefighters, and others to provide breathable air in an IDLH (Immediate Danger to Life and Health) atmosphere. The term "self-contained" means that the breathing set is not dependent on a remote supply (e.g., through a long hose). If designed for use under water, it is called SCUBA ( self-contained underwater breathing apparatus).

An SCBA typically has a number of main components: a high-pressure breathing air cylinder (e.g., 2200 psi to 4500 psi) and pressure regulator generally fitted to a back-plate , a demand valve and mask and finally the pressure gauge and warning whistle.  These are the most basic components which make up an SCBA.  Other items which can be used include distress signal units, and safety lines to name a but a few.

It is highly recommended that specific training be undertaken by anyone who is to use self contained breathing apparatus and those using the equipment should be fit and healthy as use of the equipment can place extra demands on the body during use.  In the workplace it is a requirement that those using the equipment have been adequately trained in the safe operation of the SCBA.

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