Airline Trolley


Airline systems often use a trolley, regulator and breathing air cylinders. Safety Air can provide new airline trolley systems or service existing systems.
Drager PAS AirPack 1


The Drager PAS AirPack 1 is perfect for situations where use of breathing equipment is required for extended duration. This heavy duty unit can be configured to suit the end user with a range of optional equipment available including airline manifolds and integrated escape cylinder systems such as the Drager PAS Colt.

A 50 meter hose length is suppled as standard however extension hoses are available to increase the maximum hose length to 100 metres
For other industrial applications the Drager PAS 2 airline trolley can provide a further increase in duration by using larger capacity cylinders.

Sabre Modulair 2

Sabre Modulair

The Sabre Modulair 2 airline trolley is a light weight system utilising 2 breathing air cylinders as standard configuration but can have an additional frame fitted to allow up to 4 cylinders to be stacked for extended duration.

As with the Drager unit, Sabre/Scott additions such as the Flite airline belt and escape cylinder can be utilised with the Modulair to make a versatile confined space, extended duration breathing air system.

To maintain compatibility, it is recommended that only components supplied by the same manufacturer be utilised for each type of equipment. This will also keep the equipment compliant with the relevant approvals.

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